About Us

We are Systems integrator & Turnkey solution provider with strong Engineering & Technology background from reputed institutes.

Our cumulative experience over five decades makes us different in our industry to provide our expertise for segments like Hospitality, Multi dwelling units, Airport, Traffic and Transportation, Oil & Gas along with Ports & Marine application.

As turnkey solution provider our association with client’s initiates from evaluating there requirement to propose value added engineering solution to implementation of the offered solutions through successful Commissioning & testing under operational condition prior to handing over & continuing it with never ending support.

At SAI TECH, Our close engagement with our clients, partners & suppliers assist us in enhancing the products through there experience and analyzing the potential segment requirements to ensure that best and to the core solution are offered on everyday changing technology needs.

As System Integrator we expertise in providing Low voltage control system & automation along with instrumentation to following vertical through our highly domain experienced technology partners, engineers and technicians:

Infrastructure - Hotels, Airports, Towers (residential /commercial purpose), malls & resorts etc.

Solutions offered under this division for Hotel/ Resorts/Malls/Hospital are: CCTV, SMATV, IPTV , HITV, Networking, Active & passive components, Parking Management system, Access control Equipment, SCADA /PLC control & Instrumentation, Building Management system, Parking Management System, IP telephony, Fire Alarm, Public Address system, Intercom system & LCD screens, lighting control, nurse call system, Hospital management system & bollards etc.

Solutions offered under this division for Airport/Cargo/Hangar are: x ray equipments, Baggage Handling Equipments, Master Clock System, Flight Information Display system (FIDS), Resources Management system, Common Use Terminal (CUTE) system, CCTV, SMATV, IPTV, Industrial. Networking for Cargo Building, Active & passive components, Parking Management system, Access control equipment, SCADA /PLC control & instrumentation, Building Management system, IP telephony, Fire Alarm, Public Address system, Intercom system & LCD screens etc.

Marine and port – Ship, Barges & floaters
Solutions offered under this division are: SCADA (Supervision control & data acquisition)/PLC control system, Satellite Navigation (VSAT)/Telecommunication, radiation /gas detection sensor & monitor, Anchor winch monitoring system, fire fighting equipments, explosion/weather proof safety & Security system, sensor & alarm systems, industrial equipment/instrumentation & manpower supply.
Oil & Gas - Rigs , Pipeline, Pump stations
Solution offered under this division are: Control System, explosion proof security system & AC for drilling rigs, wireless communications (Industrial Grade), Pipeline monitoring system, Telecommunication system (Industrial equipment), Jack-up Barge Monitoring system in offshore, specialized turnkey solution for labor Camp Setup, ONSITE LAB TESTING FACILITY/ EQUIPMENT & VAPOUR RECOVERY SYSTEM at Pump station etc.
Traffic Control – Highways ,Roads & Tunnels

Solutions offered under this division are: Traffic Control Software and equipments like Variable Message Sign (VMS), OHVD (Over height Vehicle Detection System), CCTV, Access Control, Video Wall, Traffic Signals/pole, video vehicle detection, parking management system, Industrial Networking, structured cabling, SCADA for TCS equipments and mechanical equipments, Operation & maintenance, toll system, weigh in motion for highway control & Vehicle counting including highway management software.

We also specialized in ICWS (Intersection Collision Warning system) to minimize road accidents, FOG DETECTOR for all weather with alternate power through solar power for all the equipment in the traffic usage by acting redundant power supply in case of failure or as major power source.

Heavy Moving Equipment
Weigh in motion, GPS/GPRS (Tracking), wireless data communication & various load sensors for cranes, crawlers, Loader and heavy vehicles.
Power & Energy

Nuclear , Solar & wind Power- Radiation Monitoring system (highly specialized security & radiation monitoring system) , perimeter security & Industrial applications like data transfer etc. Solar Panel, Solar charged batteries & Invertors for complete solar power solution for all verticals, Wind turbines & accessories for wind power

Our highly expertise team including our partner have executed & are constantly proposing value engineering project locally and worldwide. Some of them are:
Hospitality: Radisson Blu ,Hard Rock, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, OTCI, Mandarin Oriental, Dubai Mall & many more.
Airport : Tarin Kowt –Afghanistan , Armenia , Argentina, UAE
Traffic & transportation-Weigh in motion-Government, Vehicle counting-ASCON, Tunnel management system/SACDA & PLC control system-Abu Dhabi in UAE
Control & automation : Dakshin Foundry, Reliance Foundry ,quality casting & Plants in UAE
Marine & Ports : Dulam International ,AHI (Keppel Shipyard)
Heavy moving Equipment :Arab heavy Industries(Keppel shipyard)
Oil & Gas. - Government

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