Traffic Engineering
Solutions offered under this division are:
Highway Radio Advisory System (HAR)
Rough Weather Information System (RWIS)
Traffic Control Software and equipments like Variable Message Sign (VMS)
OHVD (Over height Vehicle Detection System)
Access Control
Video Wall
Traffic Signals/pole
Video vehicle detection
Parking Management System
Industrial Networking
Structured cabling
SCADA for TCS equipments and mechanical equipments
Operation & maintenance
Toll system
Weigh in motion for highway control & Vehicle counting including highway management software
Aircraft Warning Light
Filterless AC
Tunnel Management System
Tunnel Traffic Control Systems
Security Bollards
Traffic Counter(Vehicle counting)
We also specialized in ICWS (Intersection Collision Warning system) to minimize road accidents, FOG DETECTOR for all weather with alternate power through solar power for all the equipment in the traffic usage by acting redundant power supply in case of failure or as major power source.

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